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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Model-based prediction of optogenetic sound encoding in the human cochlea by future optical cochlear implants(Open Access) Khurana L, Keppeler D, Jablonski L, Moser TComputational and Structural Biotechnology Journal2022
Is there an unmet medical need for improved hearing restoration?Wolf BJ, Kusch K, (...), Moser TEMBO Molecular Medicine2022
Biallelic variants in WARS1 cause a highly variable neurodevelopmental syndrome and implicate a critical exon for normal auditory function(Open Access) Lin S, Vona B, (...), Varshney GKHuman Mutation2022
Resolving the molecular architecture of the photoreceptor active zone with 3D-MINFLUX(Open Access) Grabner CP, Jansen I, (...), Moser TScience Advances2022
Structure of a backtracked hexasomal intermediate of nucleosome transcriptionFarnung L, Ochmann M, Garg G, Vos SM, Cramer PMolecular Cell2022
Role of Mitochondrial Nucleic Acid Sensing Pathways in Health and Patho-Physiology(Open Access) Chowdhury A, Witte S, Aich AFrontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology2022
HAX1-dependent control of mitochondrial proteostasis governs neutrophil granulocyte differentiation(Open Access) Fan Y, Murgia M, (...), Klein CJournal of Clinical Investigation2022
Stage-specific control of oligodendrocyte survival and morphogenesis by TDP-43(Open Access) Heo D, Ling JP, (...), Bergles DEeLife2022
Histone H1 binding to nucleosome arrays depends on linker DNA length and trajectory(Open Access) Dombrowski M, Engeholm M, Dienemann C, Dodonova S, Cramer PNature Structural & Molecular Biology2022
A mono- and intralink filter (mi-filter) to improve false-discovery rates in cross-linking mass spectrometry data(Open Access) Chen X, Sailer C, (...), Stengel FbioRxiv2022