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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Decoding and Recoding of mRNA Sequences by the Ribosome(Open Access) Rodnina MVAnnual Review of Biophysics2023
Human lung virtual histology by multi-scale x-ray phase-contrast computed tomography(Open Access) Reichmann J, Verleden SE, (...), Salditt TPhysics in Medicine & Biology2023
Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Planar Dielectric and Metallic SystemsChizhik AI, Ruhlandt D, Enderlein JPhotonic Quantum Technologies2023
In vitro and in vivo characterization of improved channelrhodopsin ChRmine variants for optogenetic activation of the auditory pathwayZerche M, Hunniford V, Witzke I, Wolf B, Mager T, Moser TLaryngo-Rhino-Otologie2023
Characterization of novel channelrhodopsin variants for blue-light optogenetic activation of the auditory pathwayRoos L, Garrido-Charles A, Wolf B, Kusch K, Mager T, Moser TLaryngo-Rhino-Otologie2023
Single-Molecule Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Using Wide-Field and Confocal-Laser Scanning Microscopy: A Comparative AnalysisOleksiievets N, Mathew C, (...), Enderlein JNano Letters2022
Safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of the oligomer modulator anle138b with exposure levels sufficient for therapeutic efficacy in a murine Parkinson model: A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 1a trial(Open Access) Levin J, Sing N, (...), Giese AeBioMedicine2022
Remote control of the heart and beyondZimmermann WScience2022
A Mathematical Model for Electrical Activity in Pig Atrial Tissue(Open Access) Peris-Yagüe V, Rubio T, Fakuade FE, Voigt N, Luther S, Majumder RFrontiers in Physiology2022
Allosteric control of Ubp6 and the proteasome via a bidirectional switch(Open Access) Hung KYS, Klumpe S, (...), Finley DNature Communications2022