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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Phenotypic spectrum of BLM and RMI1–related Bloom syndrome(Open Access) Gönenc II, Elcioglu NH, (...), Wollnik BClinical Genetics2022
Deep, Deep Learning with BART(Open Access) Blumenthal M, Luo G, Schilling M, Holme HCM, Uecker MarXiv2022
A Unifying Approach to Distributional Limits for Empirical Optimal Transport(Open Access) Hundrieser S, Klatt M, Staudt T, Munk AarXiv2022
White matter integrity in mice requires continuous myelin synthesis at the inner tongue(Open Access) Meschkat M, Steyer AM, (...), Möbius WNature Communications2022
MemBrain: A Deep Learning-aided Pipeline for Automated Detection of Membrane Proteins in Cryo-electron Tomograms(Open Access) Lamm L, Righetto RD, (...), Engel BDbioRxiv2022
A novel single-cell RNA-sequencing approach and its applicability connecting genotype to phenotype in ageing disease(Open Access) Shomroni O, Sitte M, (...), Salinas GScientific Reports2022
Colocalization of different neurotransmitter transporters on synaptic vesicles is sparse except for VGLUT1 and ZnT3(Open Access) Upmanyu N, Jin J, (...), Sambandan SNeuron2022
Autosomal dominant non-syndromic hearing loss maps to DFNA33 (13q34) and co-segregates with splice and frameshift variants in ATP11A, a phospholipid flippase gene(Open Access) Pater JA, Penney C, (...), Young THuman Genetics2022
Modeling charge separation in charged nanochannels for single-molecule electrometryEnderlein J, Sakhapov D, Gregor I, Croci M, Karedla NJournal of Chemical Physics2022
Methods for multiscale structural and functional analysis of the mammalian cochleaVogl C, Neef J, Wichmann CMolecular and Cellular Neuroscience2022