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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Glycation modulates alpha-synuclein fibrillization kinetics: a sweet spot for inhibition(Open Access) Farzadfard A, König A, (...), Otzen DEJournal of Biological Chemistry2022
Extracellular alpha-synuclein: Sensors, receptors, and responses(Open Access) Domingues R, Sant’Anna R, da Fonseca ACC, Robbs BK, Foguel D, Outeiro TFNeurobiology of Disease2022
Selective optogenetic control of Gq signaling using human Neuropsin(Open Access) Wagdi A, Malan D, (...), Bruegmann TNature Communications2022
Roles and dynamics of 3-methylcytidine in cellular RNAs(Open Access) Bohnsack KE, Kleiber N, Lemus-Diaz N, Bohnsack MTTrends in Biochemical Sciences2022
Measuring photophysical transition rates with fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and antibunching(Open Access) Sakhapov D, Gregor I, Karedla N, Enderlein JarXiv2022
Flexible auditory training, psychophysics, and enrichment of common marmosets with an automated, touchscreen-based system(Open Access) Calapai A, Cabrera-Moreno J, Moser T, Jeschke MNature Communications2022
Optimal transfer functions for bandwidth-limited imaging(Open Access) Stallinga S, Radmacher N, Delon A, Enderlein JPhysical Review Research2022
The small aromatic compound SynuClean-D inhibits the aggregation and seeded polymerization of multiple α-synuclein strains(Open Access) Peña-Díaz S, Pujols J, (...), Ventura SJournal of Biological Chemistry2022
Transmural myocardial repair with engineered heart muscle in a rat model of heterotopic heart transplantation – A proof-of-concept studyJebran A, Tiburcy M, (...), Zimmermann WJournal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology2022
Tissue-resident memory CD8+ T cells cooperate with CD4+ T cells to drive compartmentalized immunopathology in the CNSVincenti I, Page N, (...), Merkler DScience Translational Medicine2022