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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
WARS1 and SARS1: two tRNA synthetases implicated in autosomal recessive microcephalyBögershausen N, Krawczyk HE, (...), Wollnik BHuman Mutation2022
Simple model for encoding natural images by retinal ganglion cells with nonlinear spatial integration(Open Access) Liu JK, Karamanlis D, Gollisch TPLOS Computational Biology2022
Statistical spatial analysis for cryo-electron tomography(Open Access) Martinez-Sanchez A, Baumeister W, Lučić VComputer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine2022
Sequence determinants of human gene regulatory elements(Open Access) Sahu B, Hartonen T, (...), Taipale JNature Genetics2022
Human mtRF1 terminates COX1 translation and its ablation induces mitochondrial ribosome-associated quality control(Open Access) Nadler F, Lavdovskaia E, Krempler A, Cruz-Zaragoza LD, Dennerlein S, Richter-Dennerlein RbioRxiv2022
Model-based prediction of optogenetic sound encoding in the human cochlea by future optical cochlear implants(Open Access) Khurana L, Keppeler D, Jablonski L, Moser TComputational and Structural Biotechnology Journal2022
Is there an unmet medical need for improved hearing restoration?Wolf BJ, Kusch K, (...), Moser TEMBO Molecular Medicine2022
Biallelic variants in WARS1 cause a highly variable neurodevelopmental syndrome and implicate a critical exon for normal auditory function(Open Access) Lin S, Vona B, (...), Varshney GKHuman Mutation2022
Resolving the molecular architecture of the photoreceptor active zone with 3D-MINFLUX(Open Access) Grabner CP, Jansen I, (...), Moser TScience Advances2022
Structure of a backtracked hexasomal intermediate of nucleosome transcriptionFarnung L, Ochmann M, Garg G, Vos SM, Cramer PMolecular Cell2022