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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Devising a framework of optogenetic coding in the auditory pathway: Insights from auditory midbrain recordings(Open Access) Michael M, Wolf BJ, Klinge-Strahl A, Jeschke M, Moser T, Dieter ABrain Stimulation2023
The unique biomechanics of intermediate filaments – From single filaments to cells and tissuesRölleke U, Kumari P, Meyer R, Köster SCurrent Opinion in Cell Biology2023
Tracking cell turnover in human brain using 15N-thymidine imaging mass spectrometry(Open Access) Roeder SS, Bonnin EA, (...), Huttner HBFrontiers in Neuroscience2023
PrP meets alpha‐synuclein: Molecular mechanisms and implications for disease(Open Access) Vieira TCRG, Barros CA, Domingues R, Outeiro TFJournal of Neurochemistry2023
High-resolution analysis of bound Ca2+ in neurons and synapses(Open Access) Bonnin EA, Golmohammadi A, Rehm R, Tetzlaff C, Rizzoli SOLife Science Alliance2023
FGFR1 variants contributed to families with tooth agenesis(Open Access) Yao S, Zhou X, (...), Pan YHuman Genomics2023
Glucocerebrosidase mutations disrupt the lysosome and now the mitochondria(Open Access) Klein AD, Outeiro TFNature Communications2023
Mammalian oocytes store proteins for the early embryo on cytoplasmic lattices(Open Access) Jentoft IM, Bäuerlein FJ, (...), Schuh MCell2023
Contractility measurements for cardiotoxicity screening with ventricular myocardial slices of pigs(Open Access) Shi R, Reichardt M, (...), Brügmann TCardiovascular Research2023
An NFATc1/SMAD3/cJUN complex restricted to SMAD4-deficient pancreatic cancer guides rational therapiesHasselluhn MC, Schlösser D, (...), Hessmann EGastroenterology2023