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0753 Free-Breathing Liver Fat and R2* Mapping: Multi-Echo Radial FLASH and Model-based Reconstruction (MERLOT)(Open Access) Tan Z, Rosenzweig S, (...), Uecker MProceedings of the 2021 ISMRM & SMRT Annual Meeting & Exhibition2021
11C Radiolabeling of anle253b: a Putative PET Tracer for Parkinson's Disease That Binds to α‐Synuclein Fibrils in vitro and Crosses the Blood‐Brain Barrier(Open Access) Maurer A, Leonov A, (...), Griesinger CChemMedChem2019
14-3-3 binding creates a memory of kinase action by stabilizing the modified state of phospholambanMenzel J, Kownatzki-Danger D, (...), Schwappach BScience Signaling2020
19th Annual Meeting of the Safety Pharmacology Society: regulatory and safety perspectives for advanced therapy medicinal products (cellular and gene therapy products)Cavero I, Seimetz D, Koziel D, Zimmermann W, Holzgrefe HHExpert Opinion on Drug Safety2020
3D analysis of the myenteric plexus of the human bowel by X-ray phase-contrast tomography – a future method?(Open Access) Peruzzi N, Veress B, (...), Ohlsson BScandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology2020
3d phase‐contrast nanotomography of unstained human skin biopsies may identify morphological differences in the dermis and epidermis between subjects(Open Access) Eckermann M, Peruzzi N, (...), Ohlsson BSkin Research and Technology2020
3D virtual histology of human pancreatic tissue by multiscale phase-contrast X-ray tomography(Open Access) Frohn J, Pinkert-Leetsch D, (...), Salditt TJournal of Synchrotron Radiation2020
3d Virtual Histology Reveals Pathological Alterations of Cerebellar Granule Cells in Multiple Sclerosis(Open Access) Frost J, Schmitzer B, (...), Salditt TNeuroscience2023
3D virtual histopathology of cardiac tissue from Covid-19 patients based on phase-contrast X-ray tomography(Open Access) Reichardt M, Moller Jensen P, (...), Salditt TeLife2021
3D virtual pathohistology of lung tissue from Covid-19 patients based on phase contrast X-ray tomography(Open Access) Eckermann M, Frohn J, (...), Salditt TeLife2020