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Loss of Protein Phosphatase 1 Regulatory Subunit PPP1R3A Promotes Atrial Fibrillation(Open Access) Alsina KM, Hulsurkar M, (...), Wehrens XHCirculation2019
Nedd4-2-dependent regulation of astrocytic Kir4.1 and Connexin43 controls neuronal network activity(Open Access) Altas B, Rhee H, (...), Kawabe HJournal of Cell Biology2023
Region-Specific Phosphorylation Determines Neuroligin-3 Localization to Excitatory versus Inhibitory SynapsesAltas B, Tuffy LP, (...), Poulopoulos ABiological Psychiatry2023
Phosphorylation Determines Whether Neuroligin-3 is at Excitatory or Inhibitory Synapses in Different Regions of the Brain(Open Access) Altas B, Tuffy LP, (...), Poulopoulos AbioRxiv2022
A dual‐AAV approach restores fast exocytosis and partially rescues auditory function in deaf otoferlin knock‐out mice(Open Access) Al‐Moyed H, Cepeda AP, Jung S, Moser T, Kügler S, Reisinger EEMBO Molecular Medicine2018
Neuronal extracellular vesicles and associated microRNAs induce circuit connectivity downstream BDNF(Open Access) Antoniou A, Auderset L, (...), Schneider ACell Reports2023
Insights into the molecular mechanism of amyloid filament formation: Segmental folding of α-synuclein on lipid membranes(Open Access) Antonschmidt L, Dervişoğlu R, (...), Griesinger CScience Advances2021
The clinical drug candidate anle138b binds in a cavity of lipidic α-synuclein fibrils(Open Access) Antonschmidt L, Matthes D, (...), Andreas LBNature Communications2022
Segment Anything for Microscopy(Open Access) Archit A, Nair S, (...), Pape CbioRxiv2023
Label-free quantification of imaging features in the extracellular matrix of left and right-sided colon cancer tissues(Open Access) Arora B, Kulkarni A, (...), Ramos-Gomes FScientific Reports2024