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Substitution of Met-38 to Ile in γ-synuclein found in two patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis induces aggregation into amyloid(Open Access) Aubrey LD, Ninkina N, (...), Radford SEProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America2024
Expanding the spectrum of EEF1D neurodevelopmental disorders: Biallelic variants in the Guanine Exchange DomainAverdunk L, Al‐Thihli K, (...), Wieczorek DClinical Genetics2022
Exercise Stress Real-Time Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Noninvasive Characterization of Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction(Open Access) Backhaus SJ, Lange T, (...), Schuster ACirculation2021
Real-time cardiovascular magnetic resonance T1 and extracellular volume fraction mapping for tissue characterisation in aortic stenosis(Open Access) Backhaus SJ, Lange T, (...), Schuster AJournal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance2020
Aging-Associated Changes in Cognition, Expression and Epigenetic Regulation of Chondroitin 6-Sulfotransferase Chst3(Open Access) Baidoe-Ansah D, Sakib S, (...), Dityatev ACells2022
Thermogenetics for cardiac pacing(Open Access) Balatskiy AV, Nesterenko AM, (...), Belousov VVbioRxiv2024
Analyzing efficacy, stability, and safety of AAV-mediated optogenetic hearing restoration in mice(Open Access) Bali B, Gruber-Dujardin E, Kusch K, Rankovic V, Moser TLife Science Alliance2022
Utility of red‐light ultrafast optogenetic stimulation of the auditory pathway(Open Access) Bali B, Lopez de la Morena D, (...), Moser TEMBO Molecular Medicine2021
Molecular and functional architecture of striatal dopamine release sites(Open Access) Banerjee A, Imig C, (...), Kaeser PSbioRxiv2020
Molecular and functional architecture of striatal dopamine release sitesBanerjee A, Imig C, (...), Kaeser PSNeuron2021