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Working Groups RG Rehling
Open AccessOpen Access Yes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Peer ReviewedYes
PMIDPubMed ID 35080992
DOIDOI 10.1091/mbc.e21-03-0143
Publication Year2022
TitleOvarian carcinoma immunoreactive antigen-like protein 2 (OCIAD2) is a novel complex III specific assembly factor in mitochondria Wikidata
JournalMolecular Biology of the Cell
Journal AbbreviationMol Biol Cell
AuthorsChojnacka KJ, Elancheliyan P, Mussulini BHM, Mohanraj K, Callegari S, Gosk A, Banach T, Góral T, Szczepanowska K, Rehling P, Serwa RA, Chacińska A
First AuthorChojnacka KJ
Last AuthorChacińska A
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Linked Antibodies

PIDAGTypeAntigen symbolAntibody Registry IDName
primary-0165primaryMRPS18BAB_2146368MRPS18B antibody
primary-0542primaryTOMM20 AB_2207533Tom20 Antibody (FL-145)
primary-0892primaryGFER AB_10608344ALR Antibody (FL-205)
primary-0893primaryATP5AAB_301447Anti-ATP5A antibody [15H4C4] - Mitochondrial Marker
primary-0894primaryCOA7 AB_10602173Anti-COA7 antibody
primary-0895primaryCOX4AB_2085424COX IV (3E11) Rabbit mAb
primary-0896primaryHSPD1 AB_260046Monoclonal Anti-Heat Shock Protein 60 antibody
primary-0897primaryIMMTAB_2127209Mitofilin Antibody
primary-0898primaryMRPL55AB_2878427MRPL55 Polyclonal antibody
primary-0899primary NDUFS1 AB_2298398NDUFS1 Antibody (E-20)
primary-0900primaryPHB2 AB_2616448Anti-PHB2 antibody
primary-0901primaryTIMM22AB_11183050TIM22 Polyclonal antibody
primary-0902primaryTIMM23AB_398754Purified Mouse Anti-Tim23
primary-0903primaryTIMM29AB_2880177C19orf52 Polyclonal antibody
primary-0905primaryTUBA1C AB_2210215Anti-α1c Tubulin Antibody (MH-87)
primary-0906primarySDHA AB_10610526Anti-SDHA Antibody (D-4)
primary-0907primaryUQCC2MNF1 Antibody
primary-0908primaryUQCRC1 AB_1080486Anti-UQCRC1 antibody
primary-0909primaryOCIAD2AB_2644946OCIAD2 Polyclonal Antibody