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Working Groups RG Brose
Open AccessOpen Access Yes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Peer ReviewedYes
PMIDPubMed ID 34706220
DOIDOI 10.1016/j.neuron.2021.09.054
Publication Year2021
TitleMunc13-1 is a Ca2+-phospholipid-dependent vesicle priming hub that shapes synaptic short-term plasticity and enables sustained neurotransmission
Journal AbbreviationNeuron
AuthorsLipstein N, Chang S, Lin K, López-Murcia FJ, Neher E, Taschenberger H, Brose N
First AuthorLipstein N
Last AuthorBrose N

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 gro-2/97705  GRO.publications identifier

 10090  NCBI taxonomy (mouse, Mus musculus)

 0000-0002-0755-5899  ORCID identifier (Noa Lipstein)

 0000-0002-9758-7922  ORCID identifier (Erwin Neher)

 0000-0003-3186-3231  ORCID identifier (Holger Taschenberger)

 0000-0003-0938-8534  ORCID identifier (Nils Brose)

 139  Published Data Registry entry (CRC 1286)

 1/321  Research Data Archive (supplemental material)

 03e76ya46  ROR identifier (03e76ya46, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry)

 04a7f6w43  ROR identifier (04a7f6w43, Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine)

 05xy1nn52  ROR identifier (05xy1nn52, Multiscale Bioimaging)

 01y9bpm73  ROR identifier (01y9bpm73, University of Göttingen)

 IMSR_CRL:027  SciCrunch identifier (RRID:IMSR_CRL:027)

 SCR_002798  SciCrunch identifier (RRID:SCR_002798, GraphPad Prism)

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 SCR_003070  SciCrunch identifier (RRID:SCR_003070, ImageJ)

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 SCR_000034  SciCrunch identifier (RRID:SCR_000034, Patchmaster)

 SCR_021014  SciCrunch identifier (RRID:SCR_021014, Python based Relational Animal Tracking )

 SCR_001905  SciCrunch identifier (RRID:SCR_001905, R Project for Statistical Computing)

 SCR_016844  SciCrunch identifier (RRID:SCR_016844, Leica CM3050 S Research Cryostat)

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 SCR_016495  SciCrunch identifier (RRID:SCR_016495, Vibratome VT1000S Leica Microsystems)

 SCR_018949  SciCrunch identifier (RRID:SCR_018949, Olympus BX51 Fluorescence Microscope)  Supplemental material  Website entry (

Linked Antibodies

PIDAGTypeAntigen symbolAntibody Registry IDName
primary-0107primaryMAP2AB_2138178MAP2 Antibody
primary-0142primarySNAP25AB_887794Anti-SNAP 25 antibody
primary-0151primaryVAMP2AB_887811Anti-Synaptobrevin 2 antibody
primary-0337primaryDOC2BAB_2619874Anti-Doc 2b antibody
primary-0633primaryUNC13A AB_887733Anti-Munc 13-1 antibody
primary-0764primarySTX1A AB_887844Syntaxin 1 antibody
primary-0914primaryBSNAB_2313990Bassoon monoclonal antibody
primary-0915primaryCALMAB_309644Anti-Calmodulin Antibody
primary-0916primaryCADPSAB_2619979CAPS 1 antibody
primary-0917primarySTXBP1 AB_887736Munc18-1 antibody
primary-0918primarySYN1 AB_2619772Synapsin 1 antibody
primary-0919primarySYT1 AB_887831Synaptotagmin 1 antibody
secondary-0032secondaryAB_143165Goat anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L) Cross-Adsorbed Secondary Antibody, Alexa Fluor 488
secondary-0043secondaryAB_141780Goat anti-Mouse IgG (H+L) Highly Cross-Adsorbed Secondary Antibody, Alexa Fluor 555
secondary-0074secondaryAB_2307392Peroxidase AffiniPure Goat Anti-Mouse IgG (H+L)
secondary-0222secondaryAB_2307391Peroxidase AffiniPure Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG (H+L)
secondary-0920secondaryAB_2535756Goat anti-Chicken IgY (H+L) Cross-Adsorbed Secondary Antibody, Alexa Fluor 633